Paola Bianchi

Since 1998, she has been the vocalist of LUDMILA with the recorded works “Disadorne” (CD and Italian/European tour) and “Nel Primo Cerchio” (Creative Fields), with contributions by Nuke Satori, Marco Milanesio (DsorDne, 9cento9), Fabrizio M.Palumbo (Larsen, (r), Blind Cave Salamander), and Alessandro Pipino (Radiodervish, L’Escargot).

Student at “Internationale School of Gregorian Chant – Cremona” superintended by Prof. Nino Albarosa.

Singer in the ensemble: Alia Monodia and Adiastema (dir. Giovanni Conti – Gregorian Chant and Medieval polyphony) Singer in the Virgo Vox Ensemble, who participated in the MITO Festival in 2012 and collaborates with Ensemble Magnificat (dir. Massimo Grechi) and Orchestra di Fiati della Valtellina (Dir. Lorenzo Della Fonte).

Collaborations with Ensemble:

“Musica&Musica” (2001/2009 - dir. Roberta Mangiacavalli – Medieval, Renaissance and XX Century Polyphony).

La Reverdie - “Twelve Gardens - Polyphonic Laude of Saint Catherine of Bologna Monastery” – (1413/1463) ; with Adiastema Ensemble for the 23rd edition of the International Festival of medieval and Reinaissance music and culture “Cantar di Pietre” (CH – 2010).

Armoniosoincanto choir (Perugia – Dir. Franco Radicchia) - 58th International Polyphoni Contest Guido D’Arezzo - prize as best Monodic Chant performance and prize as the most interesting repertoire from the point of view of research in this area (in our case Saint Francis' Rhythmic Office).

Gruppo Vocale Biscantores (dir. Luca Colombo).

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