Born in 2005, based upon an idea of Paola Bianchi, the FEMINA FABER project fuses the asperity of synthetic and industrial sound with the lyricism of the Latin language using electronic sound (produced by different electronic devices and synth) as a background for Paola Bianchi’s poems, translated to Old Latin by Prof. Alberto Magnani. In 2006 FEMINA FABER recorded her first five track EP, with the collaboration of Andrea Marutti (AfeRecords) and undertook a titled “Ictus libidinis” (Sensual Trauma).The latest works are the album "Tumultuor" (Creative Fields Rec), and the album "Amplexum Mentis:Ut Cosmo Concordent Voces" for Calembour Records / Audioglobe, with the collaboration of Fausto Balbo, Matteo Zenatti (La Reverdie), Luca Valisi (Ludmila, L 'Ocean). The Amplexum Mentis live show includes the visuals by Pier Giorgio De Pinto, premiered at the CACT - Centro D'Arte Contemporanea Ticino - in Bellinzona (CH), and then to "MIAAO - Museo Internazionale delle Arti Applicate Oggi" in Turin, and the Kab de L'Usine in Geneva (CH).

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