Tumultuor is the debut full length work for the Femina Faber project, the brainchild of miss Paola Bianchi, one that fuses gracefully electronic and industrial sonorities with ethereal touches and enchanting lyricism, with texts in Latin that are a fantastic vehicle for exposing her talents as a vocalist. Contrary to artists that would first spring to mind when listening to Femina Faber, the most obvious of which could be Qntal or Helium Vola, there's is here a vast feel of avant-gardism in the musical backdrops to Paola's vocal work, to the point, in fact, that these can not be considered much as backdrops, but acquire a powerful role in the arrangements, surging to the listener attention with equal strength as the vocals do. Although alone in fronting the project, Paola enjoys the serious forward-looking musicianship of Fausto Balbo and Marco Milanesio of DsosDne, 9cento9 and a034 and the outcome is a highly enjoyable work of avant-etherealism that manages to titillate at once the romantic and innovatory, oblique instincts that creep within most of us.

By Gianfranco Sciacca

Live report and Interview by Gianfranco Sciacca DARK LIFE